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Sensitive Chaos

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Jan. 9th, 2006 | 09:03 pm
posted by: puttysauce in 2006_books

There is no doubt that our body is a moulded river. - Novalis, Aphorisms


Water desires nothing for itself, it gives of itself freely, never questioning the form into which it must change when needed by a plant, an animal or man; with the same submissiveness it fills them all. It resigns itself selflessly to every need, retiring after acting as mediator, to be ready for new creativity. As in its very nature it is itself pure, it can purify, refresh, heal, strengthen, revive and clarify all things.


It is everywhere a mediator between contrasts, which grow sharper where it is absent. Thus it brings together elements hostile to one another, constantly creating something new out of them. It dissolves what is solid, rendering it back to life.


The resting state originates in movement.


From Sensitive Chaos by Theodor Schwenk. He studies the movement of water scientifically and breaks it down poetically. I'm completely enamored.

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